- FIX --- Minor fixes to Main Menu settings system.

- FIX --- Scanner UI breaks when switching mode while already scanning objects.

- FIX --- Bluefloir didn't stack.

- FIX --- Player was able to interact with 3d interfaces without triggering their activation.

- FIX --- Player was able to shoot himself in a foot ending his life in an awkward way.

- FIX --- Saving in RTS mode (Overseer mode) may corrupt save slots.

- FIX --- Building preview didn't delete itself after leaving RTS mode (Overseer)

- FIX --- Solar Panels didn't activate their Sun alignment if the player is in RTS mode (Overseer)

- FIX --- The player was able to swap items between storages if both of them are locked.

- FIX --- Teleporting to Karenos from Gemini base won't reset Field of View.



- Added Blue-Repo system (new game feature for players to add buildings, items, improvements to buildings and other).

- Added new functionality to the Storage system to understand item class and subclass denying some item transfer to storage (for example Blue-Repo won't accept any anytime other than Data Storage)

- Base Neurocore is now able to learn new functionalities, MMC blueprints, RTS (Overseer) blueprints thanks to Data Storages activated in Blue-Repo.

- Tutorial on how to use Blue-Repo added to Command Center Computer station.

- Added Data Storage item set.

- Added new item Data Storage - Solar Panel improvement T-1

- Added new item Data Storage - Power Plant

- Major Improvements to Inventory/Storage system.

/// All storages and Inventory should generate much faster.
/// We changed the tile-based inventory system to list base to increase visibility and provide more information.
/// We removed an empty slot base calculation system to increase per storage performance.
/// Storage and Inventory can block items from being moved/swapped/added, for example, Blueprint Repository won't accept anything else than Data Storage items.

- Scanners' screen increase by 30 %.

- The scanner is now able to scan buildings.

Data provided:
/// Construction Name
/// Current Integrity
/// Current Power
/// Current Oxygen
/// Power Flow On/Off
/// Oxygen Flow On/Off
/// Power Output
/// Oxygen Output

- Scanner can now scan containers/storages/furnitures.

Data provided:
/// Container Name
/// Consumable and Amount
/// Equipment and Amount
/// Components and Amount
/// Weapons and Amount
/// Unknown and Amount

- Scanned Items (such as Power Cell) will now provide information on its name, type, amount and additional notes if MPS will deem it important.

- Information provided by the MPS will now stay on screen till the next scan.

- The scanner is able to filter data unaffected by the object (for example won't provide Oxygen status of the lamp)

- Increased scanner scan range by 300 %

- Dialog buttons can be now activated by keyboard keys rather than mouse only.

- Added programmable tagging system to all text used in the project.

- Added text to the message window will now have colorized key elements of the text. (example: Health will now display the amount in green, tutorial information in yellow).

- Added new tutorial messages to the game.

- Mission Log now uses a programmable tagging system, important parts of the mission will now be highlighted with a different color.

- Change of Oxygen Icon in MMC to Hydrogel Icon to keep wording consistent.

- Interact button will now stop you from interacting with any interactable object such as storage, computer and so on if already interacted with.

- MMC Interface adjusted to an improved storage system.

- Double-clicking on the MMC blueprint will add it to the production list.

- When trying to activate a window with a button while being in the said window will now close the said window rather than refresh it.

- Update to LionsMat system ((to remove poping of different LOD (level of details) we are using an experimental function on our foliage that will smooth out the transition between different LOD))

- Update to T-1 Storage "item remove" calculation by RTS system. (minor performance boost).

- Added another layer of LOD (level of details) to more complex assets. (minor performance boost).

- Minor optimization to static lights.

- Changes to all scripts that depend on the current time of the day. Now each call is set by one source (the day system) rather than per object. (increase in performance).

- Solar Panels, Lights, Command Center, Vanduti Torches, per time triggers won't call check by them selfs to save performance.

- Code optimization to the day system and new functionality added to time calculation to allow other objects/actors to be triggered by the system.

- The day system is now able to change Sun pitch and yaw.

- Day system is now able to control night and day length separately and control per hour tick for future events.

- Ore Extractor power consumption when powered ON increases from 0 to 8.

- Command Center power production increase by 50 %.

- Minor optimization to Bloom effects.

- Removed unnecessary calls from Storage system (minor performance boost when creating buildings or loading new level)

- Save/Load system will now remember player interaction with the storage and load proper function (for example if the player will activate or deactivate the server before save, load system will take proper steps to replicate this status).

- Save/Load system will now load objects closes to the player first before any other objects on the load list.

- Project clean up (deletion of unused assets replaced by new ones) (minor reduction in-game size, minor speed up on load).

- Increase tutorial messages visibility by 300 %

- Each item in the game now detects the player location and triggers all of its physics property only when the player is close enough to affect it.

-  The screen renders in a way to match the screen refresh rate with adjustments to the game field of view per tick.

- Minor improvement to the message system.

- Stability increased to the entire UI system.

- Updated to Lions Mat tree shaders.

- Visual update to Oxygen Station.

- Optimizing each widget to render/and change per effect rather than per tick. (performance increase)

- Added corruption prevention system to the Save/Load system when saving the game while in RTS mode.

- Visual update to player UI.

- Visual update to all computer screens UI.

- Stationary Computer meshes updated.

- Update to 71 background validation calls. (minor performance boost)




- FIX --- All move keys defaulted to W,S,A, and D. (and didn't accepted arrow keys for left-handed players)

- FIX --- Minor typos in the Epsilon Base Directors Office.

- FIX --- Gas Giant Rings translucency flickers on higher resolutions.

- FIX --- Some points of interest are shown in the wrong location on the map.

- FIX --- Liquid and Solid construction components when created, are spawned with the wrong amount.

- FIX --- Field of view slider resets in New Game.

- FIX --- Field of View slider didn't update text in the main menu.

- FIX --- At max FOV models disappear. (fix for broken model occlusion)

- FIX --- Visual flickering of textures on PC keyboards.

- FIX --- Tirix Fusion Power Plant generators sound effects stop working when too many sound effects are already playing in the area.

- FIX --- All audio freezing/stopping/poping/muting related issues.

- FIX --- Some of the lights from minor objects didn't occlude properly (minor performance boost)

- FIX --- Motion Blur and Field of View settings didn't load properly.

- FIX --- Before placing construction, buildings hologram shake/tremble.

- FIX --- Tirix Fusion Power Plant Computer screen shows that Power Calls are on, even if the generator is OFF.



- New Item added to the game (Crystalized Construction Component).

- New crafting blueprint added to the game.

- Metos bugs sound range increase by 40%.

- Metos volume when flying risen by 50%.

- New Field of View calculation system ((FOV was calculated only based on Y of the screen (engine standard), now FOV is calculated based on entire screen ratio)).

- Field of View now sets the percentage of preset in-game FOV.

- MMC can now construct Hydrogel based Items.

- Updated Lion's Roar system to version 2.0 (Lionsart audio system)

- Every sound effect in the game is now spawned with its respected area of affect range, if the player is not in the range it will automatically deactivate/pause/delete sound effects to save performance.

- In RTS mode (Overseer) when placing the structure in the wrong location, an error will appear in the Overseer log and error sound effect.

- Added sound effect on correct construction placement.

- Background navigation invokers optimization to NPC system (increase instability and performance)

- Increased speed to all calls/triggers made to NPC by player position or status change. (NPC performance boost)

- Slight improvement to NPC receptors (hearing and sight).

- Added two tutorials to Tirix Fusion Power Plant control screens.

- Added Main Control Panel to Tirix Fusion Power Plant, to easier, activate and deactivate the power plant.

- Increase Karenos Sector - 4 life form density by 600 %.

- Recreated Key Pad to the new design (now requires manual input).

- All audio settings are set to 75 % (from 100%) in base settings.

- Added Foliage Density Settings to provide more graphical control. (Density can be changed from 100 % to 80 % and 60 %).

- Added RTS Pan sensitivity to control settings.

- Blueprints of items can now demand Hydrogen (Oxygen/Water) for production.

- Update to Save/Load system. (Game is now able to save Power and Oxygen Flow and apply them in RTS mode)

- Added additional crash prevention system to the Save/Load system (on NPC load).

- Save/Load system is now able to save and load complex building behaviors, for example, special events that are randomly triggered in buildings such as power fluctuation.

- Lowered amount of calculation needed for the Load system by about 8 %. (speed up load time).

- Improvement of Gas Giant visual effects and activity to showcase storms located on the surface of the planet.

- Gas Giant is now more affected by the position of the sun.

- Optimization to Gas Giant planet and all of its effects. (minor performance boost).

- Visual improvement to the player icon on the map (icon now shows which direction the player is looking at).

- The map system will now check player rotation and correct player icon on the map.

- Improvement to Save/Load system (Penkura is now able to implement development placed characters directly into the old save file to update file to a newer version of the game)

- To improve performance on load, the game will now delete any corpse that does not have any possible loot.

- Increase Lamp light strength by 50%.

- Visual improvement to all Light Beams effects in the game.

- We removed the FPS counter and activated the build-in engine fps counter with milliseconds per frame counter. (more data for the player)

- Replace pure text status notification in MMC with Icon base notification. (Icons will change color to red to indicate the problem, on hover text-based status will appear with more information)

- Added new warning information to MMC, Oxygen Status.

- Optimization of footsteps function (trigger effects and calculations made for proper sound effects and footprint). (minor performance boost).

- Reduction in the amount of polygons on the last level of details (by up to 85 %)  in:

/// all wall types
/// connectors
/// wall gates
/// Lamps
/// Beacon
/// Ore Extractor
/// Metos Nest Small

- Added Level of Details to items:

/// Noble Metal Ore
/// Heavy Metal Ore
/// Metal Ore

- Balance changes to blueprints (only changes are noted below):

/// Liquid Construction Component
from 30 Metal Ore ||| to 25 Metal Ore

/// MPS
from 2 Liquid Construction Component, 2 Battery ST-1, 2 Basic Electronic Repository ||| to 2 Solid Construction Component, 1 Battery ST-1, 1 Polan Crystal Refined, 3 Basic Electronic Repository

/// Stimpak
from 2 Solid Construction Component ||| to 1 Solid Construction Component

/// Battery ST-1
from 5 Liquid Construction Component, 1 Polan Crystal Refined, Energy Cost 1000 ||| to 2 Solid Construction Component, 3 Polan Crystal Refined, Energy Cost 10 000

/// Basic Electronic Repository
from Energy Cost 500 ||| to Energy Cost 2500

/// Refined Xavoc Crystal
from 2 Solid Construction Component, Energy Cost 0 ||| to 0 Solid Construction Component, Energy Cost 3000

/// Refined Polan Crystal
from 2 Solid Construction Component, Energy Cost 0 ||| to 0 Solid Construction Component, Energy Cost 5000

/// Neuclir
from 2 Solid Construction Component ||| to 1 Solid Construction Component

/// Pener-07
from 5 Polan Crystal, 10 Liquid Construction Component, Energy 5000 ||| to 2 Crystalized Construction Component, 5 Liquide Construction Component, Energy 9000

/// Oxygen Tank
from 1 Liquide Construction Component, Oxygen 0 ||| to 1 Solid Construction Component, Oxygen 600

- Balance changes to Constructions (only changes are noted below):

/// Solar Panels
from 2 Liquide Construction Component, 5 Solid Construction Component, 2 Polan Crystal Refined ||| to 1 Liquide Construction Component, 3 Solid Construction Component, 0 Polan Crystal Refined, 1 Crysalized Construction Component

/// Tirix Fusion Power Plant
from 130 Liquide Construction Component, 25 Refined Xavoc Crystal, 30 Refined Polan Crystal, Energy Cost 12000 ||| to 80 Liquide Construction Component, 0 Refined Xavoc Crystal, 0 Refined Polan Crystal, 25 Solid Construction Component, 15 Crystalized Construction Component,  Energy Cost 35000

/// Power Storage
from 5 Liquide Construction Component, 2 Refined Polan Crystal ||| to 3 Liquide Construction Component, 0 Refined Polan Crystal, 1 Crystalized Construction Component

- Crash prevention added in case of NPC being spawned before he is able to be set to a correct spawn spot.

- Increase in production size of TRX Ammo from 20 to 25.

- Visual improvement to Gemini Temple Materials.

- Optimization to Player Animation scripts. (minor performance boost)

- Visual update to DMC Poster

- Visual update to Holographic Connectors (in RTS system) type  A, B and Selected.

- Mesh optimization to tunnels plugs.

- Minor Visual update to Command Center

- Visual update to Tirix Fusion Power Plant

- Visual update to Positive and Negative hologram construction placement.

- Added system to visual all overlapping objects in construction holograms.

- Adjustments (Object Creation) tutorial to new content.

- Major improvement to Widget/UI graphical refresh (minor performance boost).



- FIX --- Wrist Bio Meter takes a long time to activate after player death.

- FIX --- There a chance for footsteps to be mute after a dialog.

- FIX --- Door when walked through didn't provide correct footstep sound effect.

- FIX --- Sound effect of footsteps didn't change when spriting or walking.

- FIX --- Major light bleed through some of the buildings.

- FIX --- AI stops moving around the map on load.

- FIX --- Ore Extractor sound didn't trigger if there were too many sounds playing around it.

- FIX --- If a player dies by an AI, that AI won't be able to detect revived player as his corpse is still the target even after body decomposition.

- FIX --- Refraction visual error in Temple below Gemini Base.

- FIX --- Temple Activation mutes itself after 7 seconds of playing if the player stands to close to sound trigger.

- FIX --- Memory leak protection system creates a small hitch.

- FIX --- Usable items won't trigger if clicked very fast.

- FIX --- No visual effect of a silent alarm in Epsilon base.

- FIX --- Pottery is affected by sunlight even in dark places,

- FIX --- One of the tree model types break dematerialization material when constructing over it.

- FIX --- Power Storage ambient sound randomly stops playing when near other objects with their own ambient sounds.

- FIX --- On game load, there was a chance that on weaker PC's game could duplicate some of the post-processing materials providing too strong of an effect.

- FIX --- Metos Bug Swarm sound effect cuts out randomly.

- FIX --- Cave ambient cuts off if player swiftly runs inside than out and back in.

- FIX --- Custom camera effects didn't work on some of the levels.



- Added two new enemies to the game project.

- Added new experimental nav mesh generation system. (the system is still in its early phase but it removes hitches players notice when moving around AI).

- Added two organic spawners to the game.

- Added new consumable.

- Added new craftable blueprint.

- Added improved navigation system to the game, fixing problems detected while reloading maps with an already saved navigation map.

- Added new points of interests in Karenos Sector - 4.

- Added new foliage to the game.

- AI now share data between them selfs when detecting similar nav mesh loaded around them saving on performance.

- Models used by the AI are now affected by the collision of other AI models.

- AI now respect each other collision and mesh space by calculating the average bounding box of the model, preventing them from merging with each other.

- AI won't lose player sighs if moving between trees. (player is still able to lose AI sight if moved swiftly and be able to hide for longer than a couple of seconds).

- AI damage system is now based on collision hit detection rather than collision space (if AI hits the player with a "knife" that knife is damage dealer, not the AI) preventing an unfair situation where the player is hit by an invisible object.

------ Added localized spawners system to the game:

/// Spawner is able to check player localization and damage player did to the group under spawner control. With the data, spawner is able to determine if more "monsters" are needed for balance.
/// Spawner will create "monsters" based on set rules set by the environment, localization, and stat of the monsters.
/// Spawned monsters have randomized statistic based on minimum and maximum of monsters set stats.

------ Added new logical reaction system to AI:

/// Roam system - AI is now able to calculate its own roaming space in randomly generated space based on the AI terrain protection.
/// Aggression system - AI will change its attack based on its own aggression/fear/desperation.
/// Special attack system - AI is now able to use its own special moves, for example, a chance to poison the player if special conditions will be met.
/// Warning system - AI is able to warn the player if he's on territory that AI protects or getting to close to him rising his Aggression stats.
/// Shouts/Calls system - AI is able to call other AI to help against the player. (if specific conditions are meet and/or other friendly AI are nearby)
/// Alpha Selector - AI will now create dominated AI that will change rest of the group statistic, making them more/less aggressive, more prone to use special attacks and so on.
/// Memory system - AI is able to remember key data on player/environment/global settings and then use it to make simple decisions.
/// Simple Assumption - AI is able to use data in its memory to assume possible future changes (for example it is able to predict the location of the player if AI loses sight of the player while chasing)

- Added Hearing sense to the AI.

- Added Damage senses to the AI.

- AI meshes (such as animation skeletal mesh) is now occluded not only by other objects but also distance. (minor performance boost).

- AI will raise its aggression meter based on player interaction (for example, entering AI territories) when aggression reaches 100 % it will attack the player. AI will calm down by itself after time or by other actions created by other AI and/or player.

- AI with aggression meter below 100 % will now showcase his status to the player as a warning signal by visual animation or/and sound.

- AI will reset its memory and simple logical skills after a set amount of time, that amount of time is depended on the enemy intelligence.

- Pener-07 when shooting now creates very laud trigger sound effect, and when reloading a small trigger sound effect.

- Scanner when activated and/or when switching modes creates a trigger sound effect.

- Visual update to Polan Crystal.

- Player movement now creates a trigger sound effect with its power/range/sound volume depending on speed, from lowest to highest, crouching, walking, running, sprinting.

- Jumping and landing create a trigger sound effect.

- Fallowing new models we improve the UI of all computers to fit the screen.

- Adjustments to camera view distance when using computers.

- Added new story elements.

- Visual update to Xavoc Crystals.

- Visual update to Xavoc and Polan Icons for both inventory and MMC reference.

- Instructions on how to gather minerals create objects and use RTS systems were rewritten and adjusted to new content.

- Added images to instructions for easier understanding of in-game systems.

- Added security system to all storage systems, it will prevent any possible crashes if a class none object is detected. (prevention system)

- Added a new system to game project "Lions_Eye".

- All in-game cameras are now controlled by one system Lions_Eye (performance boost)

- All maps used now and future will be always pointing North UP.

- RTS mode "Overseer", Bots, and Player cameras are now synchronized with each other and are affected by single function with all effects. (performance boost)

- Added new screen effect to bots and Overseer mode to showcase that controlled machines are from a computer screen, not direct possession.

- Added new screen effect on player death.

- Added new screen effect that will simulate pain, the effect is as strong as the damage player is receiving from any source.

- Added new screen effect that will stimulate healing, just like pain it is effected by the strength of the effect.

------- Sound Changes to Footsteps:

/// Added 6 new standard footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 5 new grass footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 7 new metal footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 5 new sand footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 4 new wood footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 6 new plastic footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 5 new water footsteps sound effect.
/// Added 6 new ground footsteps sound effect.

- Added sound effect on jump start and jump end (landing) with material texture detection to control sound volume and type.

- Added sound effect to Pener-07 reload.

- Landscape textures now trigger a correct sound effect when walked over.

- Improvement to all Trees collisions.

- Footsteps trigger detection is now able to check instances of all objects in the level and check what surface material it's using with it adjust proper sound effect.

- Trees provide proper sound effect when walked over.

- Footsteps sound effect adjusted to all buildings in the game.

- Minor player character optimizations, all trigger effects are now more stable and calculation checks go through one source control rather than three. (minor performance boost)

- Fallowing storyline improvements we opened some of the structures.

- Randomly generated loot will now be calculated based on the maximum and the minimum of possible content rather than only on maximum.

- Ore Veins are now generated with its content by maximum and minimum amount rather than maximum only.

- Damage done by creatures is now calculated in a range between minimal and maximum damage.

- Containers with randomly generated loot adjusted to the new-generation system.

- Added Asychronized ID generation system to all objects in the game. (small performance boost on spawning objects in the game)

- Added ID allocation emergency system, to prevent spawning any object in the game with empty ID or wrong ID that may negatively affect save the file.

- Improvements to Wrist Bio Meters status calculation. (calculation performance increase by 330%)

- Wrist Bio Meters activation on game start/load speed up by over 1 second.

- Minor visual improvement to construction holographic correct/incorrect placement indicators.

- Space of standard multi-purposes bot container lowered from 10 to 6.

- Minor adjustments to first-person hands animation "show bio-meter".

- Minor visual improvement to all door controls.

- Minor visual improvement to Neurocore station.

- Added new experimental model optimization system (performance boost)

------- Model and all levels of details optimization/recreation to improve performance (lowering global polygon count between 12 % to 48 % depending on location) :

/// All types of grass
/// All types of tress
/// 39 out of 49 types of rockes/boulders
/// All ice cliffs
/// Gemini Base tunnels
/// Gemini Temple
/// Gemini Registration Office
/// All ancient walls
/// All ancient temple elements
/// All ancient pottery
/// Ancient Pylon
/// All cave systems
/// 3 out of 7 bushes
/// Solar Panels
/// Base Walls
/// 7 out of 19 background mountains

- Player speed calculation is now done per trigger instance rather than per tick, now player will change speed depending on player stance (crouch, walk, run, sprint) and if he is moving forward or backward.

- Disable navigation effect on small objects that are too small than have any effect besides small impact on performance.

- Minor visual changes to a crosshair and crosshair now change it's appearance if we trigger any damage from any source or healing.

- Minor optimization to 31 background animations.

- Minor visual update to Pener-07 bullets.

- Minor improvements to material refraction effect (minor performance boost)

- Added minor save/load security to prevent creatures from spawning off bound.

- Adjusted draw distance to 918 objects in Karenos - Sector 4 (minor performance boost)

- The light intensity of day and night cycle are now controlled by the environmental stats rather than pre-set stats.

- World day and night colors, and light intensity are controlled by fog, environment color, atmospheric color, planets, moons, and clouds rather than a static set.

- Flashlight light intensity rose by 150 %.

- The improved landscape of Karenos - Sector 4.

- M.P.B will now change it's engine sound effect depending on the speed of the bot, to simulate engine power.

- Added crouch to M.P.B (bot is not affected by body limitation which means that bot can move at the same max speed as if he wasn't crouching).

- Drastic improvement to traces signal for objects and foliage (minor performance boost)

- Added layered calculation system to Skybox, fog, night/day calls, and sun angle calculation (minor performance boost)

- Script calling is now reduced to only once per game load, in NPC's, Player and bots. (minor performance boost)

- "Lion's Roar" system now triggers ambient/music change in each construction and environment only once per load and saves that function call to prevent any future calls. (minor performance boost)

- Code optimization to Ore Extractors. (reduction on CPU each time extractor digs up and stores found an object).

- Added Asychronize UI update to all widgets affected by storage/containers. (minor performance boost).

- Adjustment to texture size and memory consumption.

- Adjustments to mesh memory consumption, level of details and their spawn.

- Project update to newest engine version. (Unreal Engine 4.23).




- Player no longer will hear his own footsteps after death.

- Player backpack won't spawn in the wrong location and rotation.

- T-1 Storage won't spawn containers before it's built.

- Shadow fixes for Tunnel plugs.

- Fix for performance hitch on each load/new game.

- Fix for Base "Overseer" interface providing incorrect data on base oxygen and energy output.

- Tunnel Type I Windowed didn't change light settings for stable performance.

- Tunnel Type I Windowed and T Windowed had visual errors in Overseer presentation interface.

- Solar Panels didn't reactivate their animation when the player reenters their view distance.

- The entire body of Solar Panel is now clickable rather than base only in RTS mode "Overseer"

- You are no longer able to construct building inside other building when hovered on specific trigger box between the arrow and the construction.

- Solar Panels didn't trigger a correct sound effect when walked over.





- Fall damage added to the game.

- Fall damage is calculated by the fall distance, kinetic damage resistance, fall damage resistance, type of possessed character and speed.

- Landing from any distance will now trigger smooth head movement scaled by the distance from which the effect was first activated.

- Added compass to the Map system.

- Small Residence building created from the ground up.

- New window type added to the game.

- New door type added to the game.

- Added personalization system, example: Doors in Small Residence are now correctly labeled with the name of the owner or room classification.

- New furnitures added to the project.

- All personal computers are refreshed with new models.

- Addition of Per Instance Shader Color manipulation.

- All foliage in the game is now controlled by new shader manipulator which will slightly alter the color of every instance of foliage to break the repetition.

- Assets added to Karenos Cave system.

- Visual improvement to the mission display window.

- Player Quickslot settings are transferred between bodies (after death).

- Added camera effect to death system.

- Visual update to death window.

- New chest type added.

- Added Tunnel type L and I short to the game.

- Added new buildable buildings to standard base blueprints.

- 4 new sound effect added to UI.

- Added sound effects to "Overseer" mode, Personal Computers, and C.C.C.

- Power Flow and Oxygen Flow Buttons added to the RTS UI (Overseer)

- Power of each building is now controlled from the Base Sources (Command Center) rather than per building instance (minor performance increase)

- Building Power stats now affect its status, turning from fully on to emergency systems when the power goes below 20% and to completely off when it reaches 0.

- RTS UI (Overseer) is able to showcase the energy and oxygen flow of each building after clicking on it. Calculated numbers show the amount of energy produce - energy consumption - energy needed for the max charge up to max base energy/oxygen transfer.

- T-1 Storage used the wrong icon in the RTS (Overseer) mode.

- Added sound effect when player losses connection between his neurocore and his body.

- Armor presentation window is now created by the game load system rather than per player/bot instance. (prevents duplication of performance heavy cameras)

- Death system is now based on the ragdoll effect of currently possessed character.

- Every door/gate is now saved by the system.

- Doors and Airlocks are now effected by power output.

- Added light and power change effect too Doors and Airlocks.

- Changed position of buildings in support structures list.

- Improved save/load system with additional save able data.

- All activators in the game are now saveable.

- Added security system to ID generation system to make sure there will never be an object with the same ID at the same level.

- On load doors/gate will load every player affected states, such as if its wide open, was it unlocked by using a proper password and so on.

- All visible end result calculations in the game are now shortened to a single digit after the dot. (this change effects "Overseer" mode, Player Character screen, and results provided in message window)

- All calculations are done in "Overseer" are now simplified, rather than presenting 751 912 Power, "Overseer" UI will now show 751.9T.

- Base Power calculation and Oxygen transfer are now done via a single data stream rather than per building consumption data output. (Base power and oxygen calculation speed is now increased by up to 400 %).

- Animation update to solar panels.

- Added new type of glass material for screens in all personal computers, visibility of said screens is dependent on the angle from which player is observing the computer.

- Added max render distance of all objects inside of buildings. (minor performance boost)

- Improvements to angel calculation based on the sun position in the sky. (79% reduction in CPU requirement from Solar Panels)

- Power Storage base power capacity increase lowered to 20 000 from 25 000.

- Power consumption balances made to buildings:

All types of Tunnels from 0.5 to 1
All doors from 0.5 to 1
T-1 Storage from 1 to 3
Command Center from 2 to
Lamps from 1 to 3
Beacon from 0 to 2
Atmo. Airlock from 0.5 to 1
Tirix Fusion Power Plant from 0 to 3
Hydrogel Purificator from 0 to 25

- Power production balances made to buildings:

Tirix Fusion Power Plant from 100 to 200
Command Center from 1:1 sun power to 4:1 sun power
Solar Panels from 1:1 sun power to 2:1 sun power

- Power copacity adjustments made to buildings:

Command Center from 2500 to 10000
Tirix Fusion Power Plant from 100 to 1000
Beacon from 1 to 10
T-1 Storage from 100 to 300
Hydrogel Purificator from 300 to 1000
All types of Tunnels from 10 to 100
Lamp from 4 to 10

- Hydrogel Purificator will now stop Oxygen production when energy levels reach 0, and it will lower its production to 20 if on Emergency power.

- Text in holo signs takes its size and adjusts itself to fix its position relative to the center of the object.

- Base Oxygen and Energy transfer rate increase from 10 to 50.

- Visual adjustments to "Overseer" Interface.

- Base standard energy capacity lowered from 750 000 to 50 000

- Base standard oxygen capacity increased from 2000 to 2500

- Minor grammatical improvements.

- Minor normal map fix for Medicine Repository.

- Added Level of details to all light posts.

- Added security system for randomly-generated loot containers to prevent abuse of the system.

- Added Async calculation system to C.A.T Depository and T-1 Storage to eliminate hitches when approaching objects.

- C.A.T Depository size reduced from 24 to 20.

- Added shadow/light performance update to Atmo. Airlock (minor performance boost)

- Improved level of details to Tunnel T, Command Center, and T-1 Storage.




- Right click on inventory/storage slot won't spawn "Action Menu" with incorrect offset.

- Fixes for performance spikes during storage check.

- Fixes for performance spikes when hovering over the construction menu.

- Fixes for C.A.T performance spike when awaiting and checking for the correct amount of resources to continue construction.

- Player won't be able to remove his equipment from inventory while still equipping it.

- Items won't duplicate when manipulating slots in the storage when C.A.T is using the resources to build.

- Fixes for building placement not detecting more than one "connector" when placing.

- Fixes for items losing their content when dropping from the inventory or moving between storages.

- Fix for Audio giving "popping" sound when triggering more than 6 at a time.





- Introduction of new project compression method.

- T-1 Storage added to the game.

- Added new blueprint to the build option T-1 Storage.

- Storage building visual update to T-1 Storage.

- Command Center C.A.T depository slot lowered to 24.

- UI improvement to player info message panel.

- Improvement to physics calculation to all items based object in the game.

- Audio adjustments to 58 sound effect to prevent "popping".

- Audio adjustments to 41 dialogs to prevent "popping".

- Visual improvement to Landscapes material to give more depth.

- Visual improvement to all rock materials with higher quality normalmaps, roughness, and ambient occlusion.

- Interact system can now detect if "Player" is interacting with the object or "Bot" being possessed by the player. (player won't be able to use player only features while possessing the bot).

- RTS ("Overseer Mode") can now adjust buildings based on the location of its connectors to allow objects such us tunnels be connected to more than one building at the same time.

- Added asynchronous calculation to Overseer resources check. (performance boost while the system is activated)

- C.A.T will now asynchronously check for required resources for building. (performance boost while the system is activated)

- Each building, storage, player and bots calculate required data from containers in a group system rather than per object calculation, drastically increasing its performance.

- Details window in Overseer Mode will now recalculate base rescues each time player will hover on construction button. (each calculation will use build in asynchronous container slot check for performance sake).

- Each equipable item will now lock its inventory slot and adjust its color.

- All items in the game adjust their "Action Menu" depending on its status.

- All items that can be loaded with other objects (for example Pener-07 loaded with TRX Ammo) can now be unloaded in the inventory using Action Menu.

- Each item that haves its own content will print the correct amount and max amount on the slot in the storage.

- Save system will now save items own content. (save system will save all item states no matter if it's in player inventory, on the ground, containers and so on).

- Items with its own content will remember their status if dropped on the ground.

- Building "Status Display" screen size incress by 30 %.

- Placement of each "Status Display" screen adjusted in every building.

- LionsMat system improved to lower game memory cost.

- Visual update to Glass Shader.

- Visual update to UI of "Status Display" screen.

- Visual update of Command Center C.A.T depository.

- Visual update to containers used in T-1 Storage.

- C.A.T depository will now showcase the amount of available space on a screen above the depository.

- Added Blueprint Repository to Command Centers in priperation for the Blueprint management system.

- Update to shadow/light in Command Center (minor performance boost in and around Command Center).

- Update to the recalculation of each frame of Ambient Occlusion (performance boost)

- Update to the way translucency effects light and vice versa (performance boost)

- A slight increase in camera smoothness in Player Character only.

- Visual update to Inventory and Storage UI ("None" type slots added).

- All UI properly checks for mouse position on the screen to properly spawn additional UI when called.

- Minor background calculation tweaks to Ore Extractor (small performance boost)

- Container, when locked, will now print their name and status (locked/disabled/damage), rather than just it's status.

- Level adjustment to new content and systems.

- Stimpak will now heal player between 5 to 10 health points rather than flat 7.

- Metal Ore, Noble Metal Ore, and Heavy Metal Ore max stack lowered to 50 from 100.

- Liquid Construction Component max stack lowered to 5 from 10.

- Refined Xavoc and Polon Crystal max stack lowered to 10 from 20.

- Solid Construction Component max stack lowered to 10 from 30.

- TRX Ammo Pack max stack lowered from 100 to 50 (equivalent to two fully loaded Pener-07).

- Stimpak max stack lowered to 10 from 20.






- C.A.T won't speed up above its maximum allowed speed.

- Unconstructed buildings will be added to the build request list after loading the game.

- C.A.T animations will properly play when dematerializing buildings.

- Gate at cave entrance will now register player use key.

- Tunnel I Windowed, Tunnel T, Tunnel T Windowed, Tunnel I, and Hydrogel Purificator won't affect items physics.

- Oxygen Tanks didn't trigger physics activation on the drop.

- Dialog Cues won't be ignored if we activate them with a possessed bot.





- Added in-house 3d navigation system "Lion's Path" v 1.0.

- Overseer Screen (RTS mode) have an additional button "Log".

- Overseer Screen will now showcase a base message board used by C.A.T.

- Overseer Screen "Leave" button is moved to the right to give space for the message board.

- C.A.T now uses "Lion's Path" system to set path to the requested building.

- C.A.T will now smoothly rotate towards the correct building when flying to it.

- C.A.T now understands its maximum speed, max rotation speed and corresponding systems allowing it to smoothly change its location.

- C.A.T provides information about its status by sound and Text as a form of in base communication (audio can be heard by everyone in the base, text only in the Overseer system).

- C.A.T will now print proper log information to Overseer Screen (RTS mode) adjusted by reason, affected building/object, and base status.

- C.A.T will now use a new sound effect to inform about an error.

- Two new sounds added to C.A.T behavior.

- C.A.T is calculating position and requests of every building in the base by itself rather than requesting information per instance from the base dome. (minor performance boost)

- C.A.T AI will now decide by itself the proper procedure of every action depending on location in the base, amount of resources, amount of energy, and priority of action/request.

- C.A.T materialization ray now produces 2000 radiation and heat damage in the affected area, which will disintegrate all organic matter.

- Added safety Holoposters to Command Center to inform the player about the Materialization Ray.

- RTS system is merged with the base system to save performance when checking data for construction purposes.

- C.A.T added new dematerialization systems for buildings that will match materialization.

- Redesign of the M.M.C user interface to keep all interactive parts of the interface in the close proximity of each other, while providing more space for important parts of the UI.

- M.M.C storage lowered from 30 to 12.

- 29 Material optimization (minor reduction in ram uses)

- Shadows and lights visual update and minor performance boost.

- Minor adjustments to C.C.C bot and building presentation.

- Added sound effect for storage and inventory when moving items between slots.

- Added sound effect for Storage "Take All" button.

- Small update to Karenos Landscape. (Additional foliage, minor fixes to terrain, and new normal maps to grass and sand)

- Wall Gates now use the same operating system as every other door in the game.

- Foots steps sound (Metal) volume increase by 80 %.

- Visual update to Polan Crystal.

- Visual update to Oxygen Station.

- New Dialog triggers added to Karenos.

- Missions activators, and event triggers set in preparation for the next patch.

- Optimization of 33 materials (lowers Memory requirement, and stables its workflow when fully loaded).

- Minor Text corrections.






- Command Center didn't calculate it's energy correctly.

- Player won't be able to select and swap empty slots in the inventory and storage.

- Inventory slots properly reset their function if we closed inventory/storage with slot selected.

- The object won't fall through the landscape in a larger cluster of objects

- Doors Open/Close sound won't stop playing if sound effect settings ever are set to 0.

- Fix for doors open event triggering animation after few seconds of delay, rather than instantly.

- Fix of 53 background calls to nonexisting objects.

- Karenos outdoors Ambient won't restart if anything makes any sound louder than the ambient.

- Buildings ambients won't stop playing if too many sounds play at once.

- Opening door sound effect won't take priority to mute interface activation sound effect.





- Quick Reference Bar added to the game (similar to hotkey bar, reference bar will not directly contain items but will allow a swift check and use of an item from the inventory or inform the player that the item is no longer in his possession)

- 5 Quickslot controls added to the controls tab.

- Save/Load system will now save quick reference bars and load them to correct characters within the game.

- Every character able to be possessed has their own Quick Reference bars with the correct size depending on character equipment and in the future skills (At the time maximum of 5 slots).

- Optimization of all outer armor textures (buildings). (lowers memory requirement)

- Optimization of all normal maps mega atlases. (lowers memory requirement)

- New Component type item added to the project (Basic Electronic Repository)

- Basic Electronic Repository blueprint added to the MMC.

- Scanner blueprint rebalancing.

- Improved Save/Load System to allow Saving and Loading Underground Ore Deposits.

- Underground Ore Deposits content and discovery marks are now saved and their data transmitted directly to RTS system (Overseer System) on load.

- Minor visual improvement of all crystalline liquid panels (all type of solar panels).

- All Item based objects (stimpak, nutrino bar, ore and so on) can now detect the player location and based on it change their own detail settings, visibility, shadows quality, and physics to increase overall performance.

- Item-based objects have a much more sensitive collision detection which should prevent object clipping, falling through the landscape and flickering when objects are hitting each other at larger speed.

- A small adjustment to notification messages only high priority notification such as tutorial messages will have a sound notification.

- Improved visual effects of holo sing.

- Refresh of all door animations in the game with the use of the new float base animation system.

- Doors sound effect is now spawned in the correct location within the door and destroyed after the correct event.

- Construction bot call sound effect lowered to reduce audio clipping.

- Doors locked / incorrect password / open sound effect lowered to reduce audio clipping.

- Holographic Character presentation takes over 95 % less Memory to properly showcase all post-processing effects.

- Pener-07 Ammo Screen scaled up to fit the weapons screen.

- Ore Extractor dig sound effect lowered by 20 % and sound range increase by 30 %.

- Added direction sings to Epsilon Base.

- Added Level of details to Karenos Landscape (minor performance boost)

- Light improvement in the Gemini Base (minor level performance improvement)

- Additional security added for all buildings to make sure that correct "plug" is loaded after starting the game from older saves.





- Hydrogel Purificator is not presented correctly while building by C.A.T.

- Default Unreal Icon was set in place of Penkura.icon in task manager and toolbar.

- Unreal Icon appears on the Game Window with an incorrect name.

- Penkura is shown as UE4Game in the Windows Task Manager.

- RTS Arrow Connectors spawn inside buildings and already used connectors.

- Stimpaks hover in the air if dropped from the backpack.

- Load system won't remove Editor placed buildings from the game.

- Save system won't add editor created content to new versions of the game if loaded from the older game version.

- Missions log didn't save entire missions description on mission update, showcasing only the current point of the objective rather than all of them.

- Tirix Fusion Power Plant provides energy even when it's turn off.

- Tirix Fusion Power Plant emergency shut down didn't reset its animation.

- Tirix Fusion Power Plant ambient sound plays even after being shut down.





- 59 animations of doors, tramps, player, buildings, etc. are adjusted for project transfer to new engine version.

- Clean up of 31 background calculation scripts (increase in performance by an average of 6%)

- Elimination of 132 empty ticks working in the background (minor performance boost)

- Project engine update to a newer version.

- Each screen showcasing building status is now refreshed only when the player is in the observation distance, rather than each frame. (small performance boost)

- MMC screen will refresh its information when the player is directly interacting with the machine or machine is in the process of item creation, rather than each frame (small performance boost)

- CCC screen will refresh only when a player is directly effecting RTS, BOT or Command Center status, rather than each frame. (small performance boost)

- All construction in the game calculates their Z position by the Z position of nearest "Command Center" rather than per construction. (lowers preload calculation)

- Small static object connected to each construction is now merge with the main building layer lowering objects to load. (small performance boost).

- Ore Extractor sound lowered by 20% and increase its range by 10%.

- Beacon sound lowered by 10%.

- Minor graphical improvement to Hydrogel Purificator.

- Save/Load system updated to remove buildings placed by developers if the player removes them by destroying them or dematerializing them.

- RTS Arrow Connector System is written from the ground up with the use of a new tracing system.

- RTS system will now provide energy and oxygen to all buildings in an asynchronous manner which reduces hitches on massive player basses.

- RTS building snap system now calculates its position based on the building entrance/exit rather than building offset. (fix for small offset errors while placing buildings).

- Significantly reduce RTS system calls and triggers when the game starts by an average of 70% (reducing the chance for any error and speeding upload).

- RTS Arrow Connectors are now created based on RTS requirements rather than buildings. (reducing the number of unneeded objects in the game)

- Buildings support legs calculate their position and offset based on the entire base position relative to their Z offset from the terrain before they are spawned in the game by the RTS system. (fix for performance hitch while placing a building).

- Added object clustering system, merging distance object into a single mesh. (boost to a performance by up to 8% depending on the number of objects on the screen)

- On load landscape, the foliage will now automatically disappear in and around buildings rather than slowly disintegrate as if the building was just placed by the player.

- Atmo. Airlocks spawned by buildings (not directly by the players) will also disintegrate landscape foliage.

- Lowers the amount of "game start" calculations made by each base from 52 to 9 dramatically lowering its CPU usage in the first few ms. (speeds up the game load and removes hitch at the start of the game from the base site)

- Buildings and bots will now have pre-set base affiliation rather than on game start c.

- Minor improvement to save/load system background calculation. (game load speed increase by around 10 %)

- Computer controls for Doors and holographic pointers are now calculated per player effect, not in the game per tick manner. (small performance boost)

- Added levels of details to:


| Gemini Main Temple


| Gemini Secondary Temple


| Gemini Cave System


| 7 sections of tramp tunnel


| All Gemini boxes, barrels and other containers


| Gemini Generators


| Gemini Underground base objects


| Gemini main base


| Gemini Lamps


| Gemini Tramp


| Gemini Tunnels and Registration Office


| Gemini furnitures


| Gemini NPCs


| Gemini Tramp elevator


| Hydrogel Purificator


- Minor improvements to Gemini Lights.

- Minor improvements to Gemini Occlusion system.

- Improvements to Atmo. Airlock Level of details (lights won't disappear at a short range)

- Save files are now tagged by the game randomly generated seed in preparation for any randomly generated systems in the future. (old save files before the change will adjust themselves automatically to new game version)

- Asynchronous load system will now load objects between 30 to 50 % faster. (depending on the save size)

- Save and Load system will now recognize editor (non-player) placed objects, systems, scripts, animations, and sound.

- Save system is now able to save and load scripts created by other scripts for gameplay purposes (for example randomly generated items in randomly generated storages with randomly generated effects)

- Improvements to Save/Load version conversion system (old saves will now much more smoothly adjust them selfs to a new updated version of the game, lowering need for new save files only to critical patch changes)

- Project clean up (reduction in game size)

- Audio volume adjustments for minor sound effects.

- Added "Lock" function to containers (at the moment nonplayer controlled). If the container is locked, a message will appear on player text board and sound effect will be triggered.

- Added randomly generated loot system to containers, and building containers.

- Added "player interaction" check for all storages, containers, backpacks, and machines that use storage system to prevent the game from recalculating their content after every load/save/new game.

- Dark Matter Cola texture improvemenet.

- Mission log is now able to update already updated part of the mission if the criteria of the missions changes, by the player or the background system.

- Mission log will now update entire descriptions and all pointers in the background if the player closed mission log with the mission already selected.

- Mission log will now print description and pointers only when player directly selects the mission (prevents minor hitches on mission update)

- Mission log doesn't have to be manually refreshed if the mission is updated while players are already interacting with the log.

- Save/Load system will now properly load and save all missions in the missions log and will adjust properly to all changes made to the saved missions.

- Added crash security in Save/Load system, if the system tries to load or save nonexisting part of the game (or corrupt) it will skip that section of the file and keep saving or loading to prevent the game from crashing within the compressed file.

- Added additional Storyline elements.

- Glass and metal materials now calculate reflection per object instance preventing any outside lights from effecting any transparency/reflection effects.

- Improvement to shadow calculation on higher shadow settings (minor performance increase)

- Save system is now able to ignore already saved data if changes are made by the developer to the core game elements, allowing to add nonexisting content to the save file when such content was never stored in the project at the time of the creation of that save file.






- Spawners didn't spawn Tier - 1 beings on the map because of the map size and inability to properly calculate world terrain. C.F.S (Crash Freez Shield) system disabled mobs to prevent background looping.

- Tirix Fusion Power Plant manual reset station didn't print correct information when hovered on buttons and lever.





- Added the first version of self-adjusting AI to the project.

- Changed AI calculation system from self-depending calculating system to a hive mind system dramatically improving performance on open world locations (One mind to rule them all).

- AI will now detect other near AI and "borrow" their terrain calculation to safe CPU when calculating movement routs.

- AI will now map area around itself depending on the player location rather than the entire map.

- AI will spawn and despawn itself to improve performance depending on player position around the map and locations of closes spawn points.

- AI will interact with the player and lose interested if certain conditions are met.

- AI will adjust self-health and self-resistance depending on possessed being.

- Player, Bot, and AI are on different trigger layers to make sure triggers activate only when needed.

- Improvements to foliage render should prevent sudden popping of different level of details, unnatural specular (when no light source is located nearby) and re-rendering the same foliage twice (small performance boost).

- New highlight and object classification system. Object registration is now over 400 % faster. (small performance boost).

- Adjustments to highlight image effect.

- Added Ambient sound to Power Storage when activated.

- Changes to building classification. Building are now classified as (Main Structures),(Support Structures),(Defense Structures) and, (Misc).

- Buildings in the RTS system are now displayed under new classification.






- Hydrogel Purificator and Tirix Fusion Power Plant have visual errors in 3d holographic presentation.

- Text window blinks if multi messages are given at once.





- Ambient Occlusion added to the camera rendering process.

- Ambient Occlusion Checkbox added to Main Menu.

- New foliage type added.

- Biometer Ring now provides critical status by voice.

- Added Low Oxygen level, Critical Vitals and Below 40 % Oxygen audio cues.

-Biometer Ring now checks player status more precise.

- Changes to player Vital (possitive or negative) are now printet on text window.

- Points of interest discovered by the bot will now be saved to the player map.

- Small improvemenets to foliage placement system (should be less empty spaces randomly found in the forest).

- Update to Trees level of details (small performance boost).

- Update to rock formation level of details and shadow render (small performance boost).

- Complete model change of all mountains.

- New Item added to the game (Neuclir the Antitoxin shot)

- New blueprint for crafting added to the game.

- Save system now saves buildings energy and oxygen status.

- New save system added to Penkura, should reduce load time and lower the chance for error while loading.
(old save files will adjust to the new save system automaticly).

- Improved occlusion to all Ancient structures (small performance boost).

- Added new level of details to Hydrogel Tank Structure and improved occlusion (small performance boost).

- Added level of details to Power Storage, Lamp, Ore Extractor, Tunnel Type (I, I Windowed, T, T Windowed, X) Solar Panels, and Beacon structures (small performance boost).

- MMC and CCC are now occlude with the new system (small performance boost).






- Location text, time text, and Status text (appearing in key events) slow down the game till it disappears.

- On rare occasion, an incoming message window didn't disappear after the end of the call.

- 3D map can't be interacted with if we interacted with any 3d user interface such as MMC or CCC.





- Map system will now show each discovered point of interests.

- Markers in the map system will now display their name when hovered over.

- Map system will now show each OWNED bots/drones.

- Added legend to map.

- Update to object highlight system (improved system should showcase object name much more clearly and display an icon showcasing what effect will be done to the object)

- Improvements to camera render and antialiasing (objects, particle effects, and light effects should be much sharper putting fewer strains on the eyes)

- Player and points of interest markers now show their correct name when hovered over.

- Points of interest adjust marker icon depending on type.

- Points of interests text and animation adjusted to the new optimize system.

- Save system will now check if any points of interest were discovered and save properly.

- Added animation and graphical improvement to call message.

- Added sound informing the player of an incoming message.

- Player request changes to tutorial message font. (bigger and easier to read font)

- Added animation to the tutorial message window.

- Dialog system NPC text will now estimate the speed of the voiceover and implement speed according (for performance sake this effect have a small power in the background calculation which may lead to text becoming sligthly faster or slower)






- Footsteps volume slider didn't update the footsteps sound effect.

- Asphyxiation didn't take any health points.





- Added P.D.R system (Point Direct React)

- Improvement to Camera Shaders (minor graphical and performance boost)

- Added one footstep sound effect to every footstep variation to increase sound randomness.

- Added Voiceover volume slider in the main menu.

- Improvement to sound blending. (Ambient sound should not get silent if too many other sounds are present at the same location/time)

- Minor adjustment to the player marker on the map to make it more visible.

- Minor graphical improvement to "Object Name Interface" on hover. (Object names should be more readable)






- Map can be used when storage UI is active.

- Map can be used when in Main Menu.

- Weapon can be holster/reloaded when in storage.

- Weapon can be discharged while in Main Menu.

- Items that can switch their function can be activated while in storage, main menu.





- Improvement to RTS building spawning system. (building should from now on always spawn with correct collision and in-side player detection system).

- Each building will now calculate player position based on the player local position of that current building rather than overall player position in the base. (fixes for ambient sound, oxygen transfer and light/shadow activation)

- New Buildable building added to the game (Power Storage).

- New blueprint added to the RTS system.

- Minor graphical improvement to CCC.

- Collision improvement to Trees roots.






- Door button won't activate in the storage room (in introduction level)

- Main Menu screen stays on the screen after load.

- Frame drop at the end of the crew quarters corridor.

- On rare occasions, the cursor didn't react on 3d interfaces if the game was launched in windowed mode (detected on Windows 7, not seen in any other OS)

- RTS UI stayed on screen if the player loads the game while being in the RTS mode.

- Tunnels I, X and T build hologram was placed inaccurately when hovered over "Bounding Arrow"

- Atmo. Airlock build hologram was placed inaccurately when hovered over "Bounding Arrow"

- Some of the sounds are not affected by the audio settings.

- Buildings on rare occasions didn't spawn plugs or stairs.





- Map System added to the project.

- The cursor on 3D User Interface isn't any longer System Base but rendered directly in the game.

- 3D UI based cursors will now stay on the screen where it was last left by the player.

- Every 3D UI is now on separate trace layer. (Player Input should never be ignored by any other collision or trigger)

- Interaction modification to all 3D based interfaces (MMC, CCC, Computers, Map)

- CCC stops and resumes stats calculation depending on if the player or bot is close enough to actually see needed information. (minor performance boost).

- CCC Bot preview graphical improvement.

- RTS Building and bot preview graphical improvement.

- Buildings plug system is rewritten from the ground up. (should prevent the system from not spawning correct plugs when no other building is connected)

- Render adjustments to object (building and bot) preview system (minor performance boost when previewing objects in RTS, CCC, Character View)

- Player Icon added to the map system.

- Map System is set dynamically by beacons set by player and ones already place in the game.

- Player Icon is dynamically set on the map based on Beacons location X and Y.

- The map can be zoomed out (if the tablet detects that the map is bigger than the screen printed on) and zoomed in.

- Visual update to skybox.

- Karenos level clean up (slight performance boost).

- Introduction level clean up (slight performance boost).

- New points of interests added.

- Tunnel I Windowed, and Tunnel T Windowed added as buildable objects.

- Two new buildable blueprints added.

- Terrain collision improvement (Player now will be able to more easily enter and leave caves)

- Adjustments to game "on move blur" and to "distance blur effect" (for players that reported motion sickness)

- Continue button now appears only on the main menu level.

- Visual update to Atmo. Airlock build hologram.






- Trees spawn in the rocks.

- Tunnels Type X and T didn't blend lights correctly.

- Buildings didn't optimize lights and shadows if a player takes control of a bot.

- Tunnels Type T and I Windowed didn't provide oxygen.

- After taking over a bot, highlighted object name flickers on the screen.





- Implementation of "LionsRoar" audio control system.

- Buildings can now effect Ambient and Music.

- Locations such as Caves can now effect Ambient and Music.

- Playable Levels will now affect Ambient and Music based on time of the day.

- Added Music for Cave Systems.

- Added Day/Night Music to Karenos.

- RTS mode activates "LionsRoar" to set proper music / ambient.

- Taking over any bot or returning to a player, activates "LionsRoar" and checks their environment to set proper ambient/music.

- Volume adjustments to large gates.

- Graphical update to atmospheric colors and density.

- Minor Graphical improvement to Ore Extractor.

- Update to foliage render range.

- Over 70 changes to background calculations and garbage collection (should significantly reduce the number of hitches in the game).

- Improved Foliage Spawn system (tree won't spawn inside of rocks, boulders or mountains).

- Light and shadow adjustments for better performance and small graphical improvement to clear out minor shadow errors.






- New Game function didn't load levels properly if there are any Save already in the game.

- Buildings duplicate their furniture when Loaded from a save slot.

- (On rare occasion) RTS System can't find proper storage if the game is loaded from save slot.

- (On rare occasion) Items disappear from main storage if the game is loaded from save slot.






- Test fix for player passing through the tramp wall when standing still.

- Falling through the elevator floor on weaker machines.

- Can't jump after exiting the tramp in the introduction level.

- Sun slightly shakes when moving on weaker machines.





- Tramps, elevators, doors, beacons, ore extractors animations are changed from physics-based to location set base. (Test fix for players passing through the walls of fast moving objects when standing still).

- Object optimization in the introduction level (minor performance boost).

- Another set of improvements to the save system (saves should be more stable and on load, functions should be slightly faster on weaker machines).

- Collision update to all caves.

- Minor changes to how the position of the Sun is calculated.






- Medbay didn't provide oxygen to the player if spawned in the corners of the room.

- Power plant didn't spawn correctly object after creation.

- Power plant didn't dematerialize itself properly leaving some of the items floating in the air.





- RTS system now understands that some buildings should not be destroyed.

- UI improvements to RTS system (on building select)

- Penner-07 now fires a projectile that calculates their own damage, speed, range and penetration power based on the triggering function effect.
(Bullet knows what they are based on what shoot them out, fixing all issues with damage, range, speed, and armor effects)

- Bot calculates its state on each change rather than on each call (fix for bot not having an effect when shooting at)

- New content added to the "Ancients"

- Audio Balance to footsteps.

- Graphical Improvements to Medbay

- Graphical Improvements to Lazarus Bed

- Added Animation, Sound Effect and Light Effect on Open/Close Lazarus Bed

- Graphical Improvements to Rejuvenator Bed

- Improvements to object camera rendering relation (minor performance improvement)

- Every shadow from lights in every build-able building was programmed to change its quality base on distance from the player (performance boost)

- Lights from every door were unable to check for player location after the first trigger, resulting in them always casting shadows. (minor performance boost)

- Building - Hydrogel Facility (Hydrogel Purificator)

- New Building Blueprint Added (Hydrogel Purificator)

- Minor Improvements to RTS UI. (Long names go beyond text box)






- Camera sometimes spins when interacting with focusable objects.

- Player didn't showcase proper name at the start of a new game.

- When Mission title appears on the screen user interface is unclickable till it disappears.

- Mission Update interface blocks access to other user interfaces till it disappears.

- On Load MMC and CCC may not trigger on interact.





- New foliage added.

- New content added to "the natives".

- New Consumable item added.

- Two new materials items added.

- Two new components items added.

- Two new MMC blueprints added.

- Ore and Mineral veins adjusted to new content.

- MMC and CCC blueprints adjusted to new content.

- Added security system to save / load system, if spawn error accrues (spawning player below ground or in center of map) it will spawn player in the default position and set up entire game session around it.

- Save / Load system now checks the trigger of every interactive item. (CCC and MMC included)

- Improvements to global terrain material.

- Visual improvement to Karenos landscape and foliage.

- Added more visible connection between the cave system and Epsilon Base.

- Improvements to focus system fixing problems with camera rotation.

- Minor graphical improvements to MMC user interface.

- Some items didn't print correct interaction name when used.






- Dialog with Neurocore didn't print answers after one of NPC dialog trigger.

- Level of details fixes to static objects from patch 0.1.1.

- Objects dropped in Medbay didn't spawn with physics on.





- Collision improvements to new content from patch 0.1.1.

- Collision improvements to all trees.

- Light/Shadow now affect materials with translucency without creating overlaps (minor performance increase in rooms with windows)

- Adjustments to fog density, color, and view range distance.

- Solar Panels now adjust their angel to the sun location rather than fixed by time location.

- Improvements to minimize performance hitches when ambient light changes from Day type to Night type.






- MMC "Create one" button can be triggered while MMC is at work which will consume items but won't provide any items.

- MMC "Create All" button could randomly trigger the creation of an empty slot, breaking crafting list.

- Scanning sound in MPS is permanently silent after a successful scan.

- Cave Ambient and Temple Ambient sound won't rise if Ambient sound in Main Menu was once set to 0.

- Bluefloir and Subincar didn't show description after the scan.

- Gracheri was unpickable.

- Main Menu controls duplicated when loading the game.

- Some tutorials could be triggered twice.

- "Into the Void" Quest update 2 triggers twice.

- Dr. Januszkiewicz computer triggers quest update each time player retriggers computer.

- Reload Animation didn't trigger when reloading your weapon.

- Hydrogel Purificator could provide more oxygen than the player is able to contain.

- Mouse Sensitivity Slider didn't affect mouse settings.

- Buildings Holographic presentation didn't stick to the Terrain if it does not contain and adjustable legs.

- Buildings without adjustable legs didn't spawn on the correct height when building on an uneven surface.

- Buildings with only one connector were not detected by the system to be bound with other connectors on hover.

- Building Tunnel Type X didn't reset his connectors on the switch.

- Powerplant didn't hide its connectors after leaving RTS system.

- Messages from NPC were not saved properly.





- Added new playable area.

- Cave system on the second level is now open to both playable areas.

- New Dialogs added.

- New points of interest added.

- Hydrogel Purificator now checks player current oxygen and calculates the amount needed to fill player oxygen tank up to max 100 Units of oxygen at a time.
(Hydrogel Purificator won't waste unneeded oxygen).

- Visual Update to Keypad Input IU.

- The player from now on will holster his weapon/tool whenever dialog is starting.

- Improvements to communications between buildings, bots, player and stats system. (fixes issues with MMC, CCC sometimes refusing to activate)

- Visual Update to Gracheri.

- Med-bay graphical update.

- Bioms will now adjust global fog depending on player location and time of day.

- Minor adjustments for camera sharpness and additional view effects.

- Unbuild buildings will now show their connectors to allow base planning.

- Character View now has a real-time view of the controlled being, machine.

- Oxygen and Energy are now calculated by the new formula (minor performance increase, fixes issue with stats not displaying properly)

- MMC system is written from the ground up to provide more stability. (MMC won't freeze if the player is far away from the base)

- Added new functions to add 1, 5 and 10 units of an item in MMC.

- Added a new function to remove 1, 5 and 10 units of an item in MMC.

- Items in the "to create list" located in MMC can now be swapped with each other.

- Create One button now creates one unit of an item from the list or if the list is empty a selected item from the blueprint list.

- Minor improvements to MMC User Interface.

- Beacon added to buildable buildings.

- Day/Night Cycle system code clean up, Sun angle and Moonlight intensity calculation improvements (slight performance increase)

- MPS Geological scan is now able to distinguish between ore veins and show the distance to the closest.

- MPS Geological scan will now show how many ore veins it's detecting rather than only showing which one is the closest.

- Minor visual improvemenets to MPS UI and Main Menu.

- The objects are now directly attached to the player which allows them to be affected by animation (flashlight slightly lags behind by being adjusted by player torso)

- Background Quest system related errors fixed. (Quest will now trigger without game "hitches")

- Project Cleanup. (minor change in game size)






- The player cannot jump or crouch while Dialog with NPC is activated.

- Show FPS, V-Sync didn't update Main Menu icons, after reset.

- Split slider in Inventory didn't update.





- Unnecessary Cameras removed from the game, a minor increase in performance.

- Escape won't open the main menu from Inventory/Log/Character View screen but just close inventory screen.

- Leave Button removed from Storage window. Escape Input is now used to leave Storage.

- Leave Button removed from MMC (Crafting Screen) Escape Input is now used to leave MMC.

- Leave Button removed from all computers screen. Escape Input is now used to leave their screen.

- Leave Button removed from CCC. Escape Input is now used to leave their screen.

- Camera placement adjusted for CCC, MMC and all interactive computers.

- CCC, MMC and all computers will now remember player Field of View when used.

- The bot can now use Escape Input to close Storage/Inventory/Log/Character View window.

- If a player has access, buildings windows can now be open.

- Text log will now inform player if his inventory is full while trying to pick up an item.

- Visual adjustments to Loading system.

- Empty Inventory slot now requires only one click to have an effect rather than two.

- RTS system will now support Edge Scrolling.

- RTS Camera center point is now visible to help with camera orientation.

- Added Player Camera X and Y Invert Options to the Main Menu Controls.

- Added RTS Camera Y and Y Invert Options to the Main Menu Controls.

- Highlight and Interact function share same system, (Interact button will now always trigger)

- Calculation optimization for Nutrition, Energy, Health, Shield, Integrity (minor performance boost)

- Join Discord message added to the Game Menu.






- The player cannot jump or crouch while Dialog with NPC is activated.

- Show FPS, V-Sync didn't update Main Menu icons, after reset.

- Split slider in Inventory didn't update.





- Unnecessary Cameras removed from the game, a minor increase in performance.

- Escape won't open the main menu from Inventory/Log/Character View screen but just close inventory screen.

- Leave Button removed from Storage window. Escape Input is now used to leave Storage.

- Leave Button removed from MMC (Crafting Screen) Escape Input is now used to leave MMC.

- Leave Button removed from all computers screen. Escape Input is now used to leave their screen.

- Leave Button removed from CCC. Escape Input is now used to leave their screen.

- Camera placement adjusted for CCC, MMC and all interactive computers.

- CCC, MMC and all computers will now remember player Field of View when used.

- The bot can now use Escape Input to close Storage/Inventory/Log/Character View window.

- If a player has access, buildings windows can now be open.

- Text log will now inform player if his inventory is full while trying to pick up an item.

- Visual adjustments to Loading system.

- Empty Inventory slot now requires only one click to have an effect rather than two.

- RTS system will now support Edge Scrolling.

- RTS Camera center point is now visible to help with camera orientation.

- Added Player Camera X and Y Invert Options to the Main Menu Controls.

- Added RTS Camera Y and Y Invert Options to the Main Menu Controls.

- Highlight and Interact function share same system, (Interact button will now always trigger)

- Calculation optimization for Nutrition, Energy, Health, Shield, Integrity (minor performance boost)

- Join Discord message added to the Game Menu.






- Drop, destroy and split function will now work with the new Inventory system.

- Elevator in first level dissapesr after load.

- Tram in the first level disappears after load.

- Dialog audio duplicates if the same dialog is triggered the second time.





- Dialog system will now effect player camera to make him face the interacted object/person.

- Dialog function will reset camera view at the end of the conversation.

- Save / Load system will now properly save every dialog in the game and trigger correct state.

- Dialog system can now be affected by Player, World, Inventory, and Mission status.

- Inventory slots refresh before any interaction (Increase in Inventory stability)

- Save / Load system will now properly load dropped items with their correct amount.

- Small improvements to resolution settings in the main menu.

- Neurocore is now a self-aware activator (it will detect on its own if there is any interaction between itself and the player)

- Neurocore will now save and load its interaction with the player.

- Interact function is now more responsive.

- Tram light / shadow optimalization.

- Gemini Base small light/shadow optimization.

- Take control of bot function will no longer freeze the game for first few frames.

- Start RTS system function will no longer freeze the game for first few frames.






- Left mouse button didn't register with tools and weapons.





- Visual updates to Tunnels type I, T, X, T Windowed, I Windowed, I Short.

- Improvements to Lions Material System. (small performance boost)

- Level of details added to Tunnels type I, T, T Windowed, I Short.

- Updated Light and Shadow in Tunnels type I, T, X, I Windowed.

- Improved collision in Tunnels type T, X, I Windowed, I Short.

- Improved oxygen transfer between player and all buildings.

- Improved lighting in the first level.

- Optimization to all Glass Materials.

- Optimization to all high Metalic Materials.

- System improvements for Health, Oxygen, Energy, Integrity and Nutrition.
(statistics won't freeze when they are affected by outside sources)






- MMC Create One button creates always one even if the created item should be a set amount.

- Storage type object didn't show their name and function below the crosshair.

- Items of the same type could be duplicated if both are not at their max stack.

- Sprint didn't increase player speed.

- Bots receive head-bobbing effect.

- CCC screen duplicates 3d bot presentation.





- Items max stack size balance.

- Small memory leak fixed in highlight system.

- Optimization in camera render. Performance boost between 5 % to 40 % depending on location and in-game time.

- Foliage cluster rendering improvement (small additional performance boost)

- Small changes to Inventory / Storage and MMC UI to improve sharpness, on low settings.

- Level of details optimization to foliage.

- Lamps light intensity and range is risen by 30 %.

- Set frame rate function added to the main menu.

- Game FPS is no longer set to 62 FPS only.

- Sprint will increase oxygen usage by 300 %. (only while sprinting)

- MPB speed increase by 20 %.

- MPB can now increase its speed using the "Sprint" input, by 80 %.






- Item Action Menu allows dropping items inside of furniture (spawning them inside out of reach of player).

- Use button closes Item Action Menu.

- Use button is still visible after the last item was used.

- The split function cannot be used in the furniture.

- Destroy function cannot be used inside the furniture and bots.

- Items slots are frozen if you use the same slot twice.





- Remove build in Drag and Drop function (bugged on the standalone game).

- Added new inventory system.

- Middle mouse button now moves items between player inventory and storage.

- Inventory Action menu adjustments itself depending on which storage type we open.

- Split added to the Furniture.

- Destroy added to the Furniture.

- Items can be merged inside the furniture.

- Hold the mouse button to drag is removed, the player is required to press left mouse button which will highlight the item, then double-click on any slot in the inventory to move an item or swap with another item.

- Left mouse button will now highlight items we are interacting with (in the inventory)

- Fixes to memory leaks in the Inventory system. (slight boost in performance)

- Changelog now showcases patch changes from newest to oldest.






- Drop system was not visible if drop button was press from Action Menu.

- Destroy system was not visible if destroy button was press from Action Menu.






- Door Controls didn't print any information on the screen when highlighted.

- Tutorial text log scrollbar didn't register mouse press.

- If MMC storage becomes full while creating an item, it will reset without providing an item to the player.

- MMC stops checking status if power runs out.

- MMC spawns object before it finishes creating it.

- MMC progress bar won't reset after creating the last item.

- MMC didn't remove the item from the build list if Create One button was pressed.

- MMC duplicates invisible build slots if create all button is clicked.

- Some of the sounds didn't reset their audio settings if there were set to 0.





- Flashlight intensity rose by 50 %.

- Small and Medium size door buttons have 3 times bigger activation detection.

- Save slots will now remember on what game version they were saved.

- Save slots now show game version they were saved on after the time.

- MMC Error console was changed to Status Console.

- MMC is now able to show the status of its energy, storage, and resources.






- Neurocore losses its collision.

- Fixed typos in First Level Dialogs.

- Items additional options menu stays on screen if the main menu is open while in inventory/storage.

- Split/Drop Interface stays on screen if the main menu is open while in inventory/storage.

- Bots storage didn't show correct name on the interface.

- Bots storage didn't show correct information when hovering over or interacted with.

- Sometimes Interaction button is required to be pressed twice to have an effect.

- Create all button in the Molecular Matter Converter freezes the machine if there are no items in the M.M.C Storage.

- Cancel Construction Button didn't trigger.

- Items disappear in the inventory if the player attempts to merge an item with an item that makes full stack item. ( A + B = Full stack (destroys A, B stays the same)





- Font size adjustments on the user interface to make it more readable.

- Occlusion adjustments to all types of rocks, boulders, flowers, trees, particular effects.

- Level of details adjustments to the entire landscape.

- Improved level of details to all types of rocks and boulders.

- Range Interaction adjustments to both Golden Malok and Subincar.

- Item Icons now show Amount and Max Stack.

- Added Max stack size on item hover.

- Blueprints for Molecular Matter Converter are now able to create stacks of items.

- New Items added Gracheri and Solid Construction Component

- Blueprint recipe adjusted.

- Graphical Adjustments to Molecular Matter Converter UI

- New Buildings added, Hydrogel Tank and Solar Panels

- Change Log added to the Main Menu.






- Spawning below the world/spawning in position 0.0.0

- Subincar and Blufloir share the same name (Inventory).

- Fixed typos in dialogs

- Audio issues with Neurocore and footsteps.

- Hydrogel purification station continues to release oxygen even when the player oxygen level is at max.

- Middle Mouse button didn't fast transfer items between storages.

- Middle Mouse button blocks the item slot in the inventory.

- Show FPS button not working.

- V-Sync button not working.

- C.A.T triggers twice if no building is requested to build, destroying the previous building.

- C.A.T appears above the wrong building while constructing.

- Field of View slider won't set its value.

- Project clean up (performance upgrade by around 2%).

- Weapons and Tools can't be used when equipt.





- Cave Entrance to the next part of the zone in the second level is more visible.

- Increase Player FLashlight power.

- 3D Resolution slider added to the Main Menu.






- Neurocore won't get triggered each time you enter the base.

- C.A.T losses focus if more than two buildings are requested to be created.

- Game loads last save on New Game.

- Small dialog fixes.




- Performance boost by about 2 % by clearing assets and unused shaders found in the first and secondary level. (Game should be smaller by around 100 MB)

- Added Continue Button.

- Small stability update to Save / Load System